• Step #1

    Empty Leg Flights are posted to the auction site.

    They will display a Reserve Price, mini mum Bid amount and also, the price to Buy out the Auction and win it.

  • Step #2

    Submit a bid above the Reserve Price.

    (You'll need to create a free account to submit your bid. That's so we know how to find you if you win!)

    All prices & bids are exclusive of Australian GST @ 10%

  • Step #3

    If you are the The Winning Bid, we will ask to pre-authorise your card via the Check Out.

    We will then double check availability of the flight and confirm the booking.

  • Step #4

    Once we confirm that the flight is still available, we will the process the payment to your card and call you with the good news!

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Why do I have to create an account to Bid?

Good question. Easy answer. If you are the winning bidder, we need to know how to contact you!

How do I bid?

Click on the flight of interest and follow the onscreen instructions

Can I set up an auto bid?

Yes. You can set a limt and have the site bid automatically for you

How many times can I bid?

As many times as you want!

What happens if I am the winning bid?

We will pre-authorise your credit card for the winning bid amount.

We will double check that the flight is still available and if so, take your payment and allocate the flight to you

Why do you pre-authorise my credit card?

We need to check that the flight is still available and that if so, your funds are available. We do that via a pre-authorisation. No funds are drawn from your card at this stage.

How do I contact you?

Please conyact us via:
T: 1800 687 354
E: bookings@flightcharter.com.au
SMS: 0427 638 224

What is the GST / VAT status?

All prices and bids are exclusive of 10% Australian GST.

If you are a international buyer then it may be that no GST is payable. We will confirm that at the time of confirming the flight availability and before we process any charges to your card.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept MasterCard or VISA.